• Key Electronics, Inc.
    KEY ELECTRONICS, INC.: Jeffersonville, Indiana; 100,800 SF Owned Facility with Class 10,000 Clean Room
  • Aerospace & Defense
    AEROSPACE & DEFENSE: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) – Circuit Card Assemblies
  • Aerospace Defense
    AEROSPACE & DEFENSE: Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) – Circuit Card Assemblies
  • Medical Devices
    MEDICAL DEVICES: Glucose Monitoring Device – Product Assembly
  • Industrial/Commercial: Security Systems
    INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL (SECURITY SYSTEMS): Electronic Safe – Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
  • Industrial/Commercial: Education
    INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL (EDUCATION): Classroom Response Systems – Product Assembly
  • Transportation
    TRANSPORTATION: Diesel Engine Emission Components – Product Assemblies
Key Electronics is a certified contract manufacturer offering electronic circuit card assembly, product integration (box build), and testing and repair of electronics. Key Electronics provides contract manufacturing services ranging from fast-turn prototyping to complete box build assembly. On-site capabilities include surface mount technology, ball grid array placement, through-hole technology, conformal coating, automated optical inspection, and testing services. Key Electronics specializes in low to medium volume, and is prepared for the frequent revisions associated with a custom product.

At Key Electronics, our commitment to providing exceptional quality and service to the customer transcends every aspect of our work environment. Consider us as your Contract Manufacturing Services partner, and we believe you'll agree...we strive to always deliver More Than You Expected.